Who We Are

Great Lakes Trawler Capital

Trawler is the only focus we have.  
It is what we do and all we do

What We Do

Trawler Brokerage

Focused efforts for clear market effect

Trawler Sales

There’s still a demand for quality and craftsmanship

Trawler Charters

Charter Opportunities for all Abilities

Trawler School

Prepare the right way to helm your adventure 

Where We Are

Anchored in Northern Michigan’s Traverse City, Trawlers Great Lakes lies at the gateway of pristine cruising, learning and discovery grounds.

Why We Are

Establishing a compass heading to a resource that is focused on one purpose and effort only. Trawlers.  Its what we do and all we do.

Not sure how much longer the Waugoshance light will be upright. We were fortunate to get this nearly perfect shot complimented with Nordic Tug 37-002 in the foreground. A rich history this light has standing watch over the entrance to the Straits of Mackinac over 170 years. ...